You’ve taken your first step…

towards reaching your goals, whether it’s abstinence, reducing your drug or alcohol use, or making safer, healthier choices.

Where To Start

Before telling us about your drug or alcohol use, it’s a good idea to get an insight yourself – take our short quiz to assess the impact that drugs and alcohol are having on your life.  This will help you to decide the level of support you’d like

Know your score?

If you’ve taken the quiz, you should have a good idea how harmful your drug or alcohol use could be. From here you can decide whether you’d like to refer yourself to us, or would like to try reducing your use on your own, assisted by some self-help tools.

Our Referral Process

If you’ve decided you’d like our support, here’s a little bit of information about what you can expect…


A member of our team will get in touch with you, and ask you a couple of questions. They’ll then book an appointment to complete an assessment at a convenient time for you.  If you have any questions, we’ll be able to answer them for you


At your assessment, we’ll go through your drug or alcohol use, along with any other factors that are contributing to your substance use. You’ll set some goals with our support, and together we’ll develop a plan to help you meet your goals


If you need medically assisted treatment, you’ll be booked in to see one of our medics to discuss your options.


If you have any health concerns, our healthcare team can assess you and make referrals to other services

If you are ready to refer yourself to the service then please continue to complete the form below.


Coronavirus information


Please visit our coronavirus page to read advice for anyone who uses our services.