Who are we? Emerging Futures as an organisation

Emerging Futures are a national CIC. Our projects aim to work concurrently with health and social care treatment providers and the members of the local recovery communities they are commissioned to serve. Using a model of Asset Based Community Development, we help people to build on what’s strong in their communities – as opposed to focusing on what’s wrong.

Our core products consist of behavior change program delivery, specialist coaching including Recovery, Family, Community and Enterprise Coaching and a growing Recovery Housing offer including transitional housing for rough sleepers and those hard to accommodate through to move on abstinent and supported housing.

Emerging Futures work has a measurable impact on people’s lives and strengthens communities. We reduce the demand for health and social care services, including Primary Care, Hospital Care, Community and Mental Health Services. This positively impacts on many aspects including physical health, mental health and well being. We also aim to provide our clients with independence and educational, employment and training opportunities.


North and Central Lancashire Housing

We know from experience and evidence that recovery from addiction requires a positive social network of friends and family. This is only possible if people have a stable and caring place to call home. This is the first thing that Emerging Futures provides. Within the new Lancashire North & Central contract we will be identifying the missing link in terms of accommodation pathways for those in recovery and will work to fill the gap.



North and Central Lancashire Family Coaching

We deliver Accredited Recovery and Family Coach training across the county and as part of this identify suitable people to train as qualified volunteer Coaches. The course takes 5 days to complete, are free and all expenses are paid. All learners are supervised and supported by our passionate staff. After the training you will gain work experience within the Inspire contract and on successful completion of 50 hrs you will be a fully accredited OCN (Laser) Coach.

The impact of problematic drug and alcohol use on families is profound. Our trained and qualified family coaches deliver structured 1-1 interventions and deliver groups for family members. Our Coaches use their own real-life experience to give help, support and guidance to families to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to support a loved one’s recovery.

Family and friends are the first to suffer from the devastating impact of someone’s addiction. Therefore, we believe it’s crucial to give family and friends all the support and tools they need, as well as their loved one.

Some families feel that the only choice they have is to withdraw support and break ties. This can be an extremely difficult decision to make and cope with.  For other families, it’s a matter of struggling on, regardless of the impact on everyone’s lives and relationships. Family coaches can help change this. Our CAN families coach model combines coaching with evidence-based well-being modules to enhance each family’s unique ability to build resilience, establish values and fundamentally drive their own families’ recovery.



For more information about Emerging Futures, head over to their website https://www.emergingfutures.org.uk/