At Inspire we know that December can be one of the hardest months for those who are abstinent, trying to cut down or stop their drinking. Here are some tips to help you to stay on track with your goals over the festive season.

Distract yourself with enjoyable activities

Fill your time with activities that you enjoy that do not involve drinking to keep your mind off any negative or unwanted thoughts. Whether it’s a festive activity like ice skating, or simply listening to your favourite music, keeping yourself busy will help.

Try something different

When making plans with friends or family, if you would usually go to a pub or bar why not suggest a new activity instead. There is plenty to do during the festive season from visiting Christmas Markets and enjoying a hot chocolate to getting cosy on the sofa to watch a Christmas movie. By doing something different, you can avoid situations that may tempt you to drink.

Remember your goals

Keeping your goals in mind can help you to stay on track when temptation is getting too much. Sometimes it helps to write your goals down, you could even do this on a small piece of card that you could keep in your purse or wallet to look at and remind you of why you aren’t drinking and how far you have come.

Seek support

Tell a friend or family member about your goals and how you are feeling so that they can help you to stay on track or support you when things get too much. Also, if friends and family are aware that you are trying to avoid drinking, they won’t get you an alcoholic gift which may tempt you.

Give 0% a go

There are more alcohol free beverages out there for you to enjoy now a days, like non-alcoholic beer and wine. You could even have a go at being the bartender and mix up a tasty mocktail!

Plan ahead

If you are going to a pub, restaurant or party and you don’t want to drink, it will help to plan ahead. If you are in a pub or restaurant, make sure you know what non-alcoholic drink you want to order. If you are going to a party, take along your favourite non-alcoholic drink to enjoy. You could also offer to be the designated driver so that you won’t be tempted to pick up an alcoholic drink.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you do have a slip up, try not to be too hard on yourself. Remember tomorrow is a new day and you can get yourself back on track.

Enjoy yourself!

The festive season is all about coming together with friends, family and colleagues and having fun! Don’t forget that you can still enjoy yourself whilst maintaining abstinence or cutting down on your drinking.

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